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Kirtan Lounge Vol.2 “Precious Jewels” 2017

Kirtan Lounge “Precious Jewels”

Vol.2 2017

“Precious Jewels” – is the collective effort of many talented musicians who shared their artistic gifts in this project. As the pictures here attest, this was an exciting journey and labor of love that spanned seven countries and three years in making.

Kirtan Lounge started as a dreamy experiment when Gopi and Ananta decided to collaborate on performing and producing Kirtan and make it a love offering to the yoga community and world music lovers. This year Kirtan Lounge celebrates 5th anniversary with a new album release and an array of music videos!

Contributing Artists:
Gopi Kallayil – vocals, tanpura; Ananta Govinda – vocals, harmonium, kartals, piano; Prajna Vierra – vocals; Gopal Krishna das – vocals; Jahnavi Harrison – vocals; Sreevalsan J. Menon – vocals; Vijay Krsna – vocals; Saraswati Dasi – violin; John Wubbenhorst – bansuri flute; Ayaan Ali Bangash – sarod; Ryan Proch – saxophone; Joshua Mellinger – tabla, steel drum; Alex Liapin – guitar; Hans Christian – cello; Michelle Grambeau – vocals, upright bass; Paulette Penzvalto – vocals; Haley Schulz – vocals; Jared May – bass; Rara Avis – percussion; Ben Leinbach – drums; See more

Kirtan Lounge Vol.1 “Nectar of Devotion” 2013

Kirtan Lounge Vol.1 “Nectar of Devotion” Released March 26, 2013

Gopi Kallayil – Vocals and Tanpura,
Ananta Govinda Das -Harmonium, Piano, Percussion, Karatals, Vocals, Musical arrangement,

Karnamrita Dasi -Lead vocals,

John Wubbenhorst (Bansuri)
Ken Becker (Dilruba on 2, Cello  on 5 )
Vijay Krishna (Mridanga on 2, 8 )
Eswar Iyer (Tabla on 3)
Mila Kronik (Response vocals on 2, 8 )
Irina Pastukhova (Response vocals on 2, 8 )
Damjan Cirilovic (Bass guitar, background vocals )

Produced by Ananta Govinda and Vedic Renaissance Productions

2013 All rights reserved

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